The National Flowers of Europe

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    Flowers are probably one of the most beautiful things that grows on this planet we live on. There so many different variations of flowers and they grow on all different types of plants including bushes, trees, in water or out of the grass on their own.

    Flowers are so popular they are a staple at special events like weddings and parties, they are given as gifts for anniversaries, first dates and even to someone suffering from or recovering from an illness as a "Get Well" gift. What is really cool as flowers can be used as symbols to represent different countries and states.

    This infographic takes a look at all the different national flowers that represent the countries of Europe. Each flower is unique and has history in the country it represents. You can use the map on this graphic to pinpoint where each European country and the flower that represents is located.

    sividuc_flower.png 2.png 3.png

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