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    The DAAD Berlin Artists-in-Residence programme (BKP) is one of the world's most renowned programmes, offering grants to artists in the fields of visual arts, film, literature and music.

    Programme Description
    Every year around 20 scholarships are awarded to international students for a stay in Berlin of usually one year. This is an award scholarship: the scholarships are granted to extraordinary and internationally established artists from abroad, who have already established their reputation and style. The Berlin Künstlerprogramm is designed to give artists freedom for creative work, promote the variety and diversity of artistic approaches and strengthen the freedom of expression and the arts. Age is not taken into account. The scholarship holders are given every freedom to evolve, focus on their artistic works or exchange ideas. The scholarship benefits provide for an adequate lifestyle; furnished apartments and work areas are provided.

    The Berlin Künstlerprogramm is a platform for cultural and artistic exchange which transcends the borders of Europe. An artistic dialogue which reaches beyond the cultural, geographical and political borders is one of the key notions in the programme's work. The artists' presence and their production as well as the events organized by the Berlin Künstlerprogramm in cooperation with the various cultural institutions in the German capital or elsewhere bring to life the forum's artistic dialogue and transform it into action.

    DAAD: Berlin Artists-in-Residence programme
    Markgrafenstraße 37
    10117 Berlin
    Facebook: DAAD: Berlin Artists-in-Residence programme

    Target Group
    Internationally known and outstanding international artists who want to come to Berlin in order to work on their medium and exchange ideas

    Number of Scholarships
    around 20 scholarships every year

    The scholarships generally run for 12 months, or 6 months for film-makers.

    Sholarship Value
    • Monthly scholarship instalments for living expenses and rent
    • Travelling and luggage expenses (also for the spouse and children, if they are staying in Berlin for the entire duration of the invitation)
    • Health and accident insurance (contributions will be deducted from the scholarship)
    • German language courses
    Application requirements
    Internationally renowned artists who have already established their reputation and style

    Application Papers
    The application documents and further information on the application process can be found here.

    Please note: applications are not accepted in the field of visual arts. In this case, in contrast to conventional application procedures, a commission issues invitations to internationally renowned artists.

    Applicants are required to turn in the following portfolio of artwork labelled with their name via mail (electronically submitted applications will not be considered):

    Writers: own publications, preferably in German, otherwise, if possible, in English or French; limited to 4 or 5 books; reviews. No manuscripts.

    Composers: scores, records, CDs, DVDs, tapes, videos, own publications, but no more than 3-4 audio samples please. The material ought to be coordinated very precisely, i.e. score, description of the work, photos or videos belonging to the samples should also be submitted. If specific pieces should be listened to, they should be marked accordingly.

    Film-makers: videotapes, DVDs (please note: burnt DVDs are often not readable, therefore NTSC, PAL, Beta is preferred), scripts – but please no more than 2 work samples, preferably most recent works, with subtitles. Please include a synopsis of every film submitted. Maximum viewing time per candidate: 15 minutes. So, please mark the extracts that you would prefer to be viewed, especially with regard to long films.

    For all applicants: All materials submitted must be clearly marked with the name and year created. For financial reasons, only original work material (books, scores, films) can be returned. Copies, manuscripts, burnt CDs, DVDs, videos, etc., will not be returned. The DAAD assumes no liability for submitted materials.

    Application Deadline
    International juries consult on the application. These juries meet in Berlin every spring with constantly changing members. The selection decisions are then communicated to the applicants as quickly as possible. Those invited then also find out about the duration, scope and all the other details of their scholarship.

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