Internship at Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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    Internship at Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    at Münster University of Applied Sciences


    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Glösekötter


    Circuit Design for integrated OFET technologies

    In this position, you will be working within the analog/ mixed signal design team in Semiconductor and Bus Lab. You will be part of a highly motivated international team shaping novel OFET based circuit architectures.


    You will be involved in various technical topics and support the circuit design team in terms of simulation, pre-development and verification of novel OFET based integrated circuits.


    • Graduate students preferred.
    Additional qualifications include:

    • Strong interest in circuit design, circuit architectures and VLSI circuit design
    • Solid knowledge of deep-submicron semiconductor devices and physics
    • Desire to work within an international team with customer contacts
    • Strong communication skills and flexibility to adapt to new situations
    • Basic understanding of high level description techniques of analog blocks (Verilog-A, AHDL) and experience in schematic-entry and/or simulation tools (Cadence, Schematic Entry, Virtuoso, Spice) would be an added advantage
    • Preferential treatment of candidates with an internship commitment of at least 6 months
    Language Skills

    Good English language skills (German language skills would be an added advantage)


    Applicants who are among the final candidates will be contacted by the laboratory for a telephone interview


    3-12 months

    Possible Beginning



    Possible in cooperation with an associated company and according to requirements at home institution



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