Internship in Food Process Design

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    Internship in Food Process Design at the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL e.V.) in cooperation with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences



    Prof. Dr. Stefan Töpfl


    In the department of Food Process Design at the German Institute of Food Technologies innovative equipment and processes are designed and tested. Pulsed electric field is a new unit operation used in the potato processing industry. Therefore, we are going to build on the know-how and adapted the knowledge on the individual needs of the customers. The topic of the project is "Pulsed electric field treatment of potatoes and its effect on the main quality characteristic of French fried potatoes".


    The internship student will be involved in running research project of the Process Design department. The work can consist – dependent on the student knowledge and skills - on test planning, experimental work with a pilot plan and the evaluation of the data. By this the process department is working in close cooperation with the physic lab of the German Institute of Food Technologies.

    Practical work is the production of French fried potatoes,

    • as standard
    • with pulsed electric fields
    • different blanching condition
    • different drying conditions
    • frying.

    Basic knowledge in pilot plan work; basic knowledge in food technology

    Language Skills

    proficient in English, basic knowledge in German would be helpful


    3-6 months

    Possible Beginning

    Feb. 15th deadline: Possible beginning Sept./Oct./Nov. 2016
    Oct. 1st deadline: Possible beginning Mar./Apr./May 2017


    15 ECTS for 3 months; 1 month = 5 ECTS
    According to agreement


    To be determined

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