Internship in Physical Sealing Technology

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    Internship in Physical Sealing Technology

    at Münster University of Applied Sciences


    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Riedl


    Life-time prediction of fibre-, PTFE- and graphite- based gasket in metallic flange connections

    Until now, there exists a deep knowledge in short time behavior of gaskets used in the power generation-, the chemical- and the petrochemical industry. Right know the University of Applied Science in Muenster has started a research program for developing life time prediction models for bolted flange connections with gaskets mentioned above. Within that project a student can help to measure and to evaluate experimental data.


    Theoretical analysis of different papers concerning life-time prediction.

    Experimental work with flanges and different gasket types especially for chemical and petrochemical applications. This includes assembly of bolted joints as well as stress and leakage measurements. The test results have to be evaluated.


    Experience in experimental work. Knowledge of MS-Excel and ideally LabView.

    Language Skills

    Preferably basic knowledge in German, but not mandatory


    2-6 months

    Possible Beginning



    Depends on home university; possible analogous design to the internal practical phase + recommendation for recognition


    Depends on qualification; possibly 500€/month

    Like Ủng Hộ Diễn Đàn

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