Internship in Aerospace Communications Engineering

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    Internship in Aerospace Communications Engineering at
    Bremen City University of Applied Sciences



    Prof. Dr. Sören Peik


    Student Experimental Rockets
    The Institute of Aerospace Technology (IAT) Bremen participates in the STERN program for students to develop, build and launch their own rockets. The programme goes by the acronym STERN from the German Studentische Experimental-Raketen, or Student Experimental Rockets.

    The rockets currently under design are propelled by a small solid-fuel motor and reach altitudes of more than 15 km. The system includes a small telemetry payload to transmit key trajectory data back to Earth during flight and provide information to the students including the rocket's altitude and speed.


    • Perform a system analysis of the telemetry communication sub-system
    • Define system specifications for a telemetry system
    • Develop a transceiver breadboard satisfying the specifications using commercially available GMSK Transceiver ICs.

    Basic Knowledge in Communication Systems and Circuit Design.

    Language Skills

    English (C1)


    3-6 months

    Possible Beginning



    Upon agreement


    0-400 €

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