Internship in Solar Energy

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    Internship in Solar Energy at Cologne Univesity of Applied Sciences



    Prof. Dr. Ulf Blieske

    Renewable Energies (photovoltaics)
    Cologne University of Applied Sciences
    Faculty of Process Engineering and Mechanical Systems


    Solar module performance at low radiation and oblique incidence light

    The Cologne University of Applied Sciences has recently started a program which investigates oblique incidence light and low radiation behavior of different solar modules. A number of module parameters are measured as a function of incident angle and radiation in a test installation on the roof top of the Universities library. Out of these data, the annual energy yield of the PV-systems can be calculated with the help of computer simulation tools.


    Electric measurement with an electronic load system, labview, PV-Sol and other type of simulation, optimization of a tracking system


    Knowledge in electrical engineering, physics and if possible solar energy

    Language Skills

    If possible German, however, English is acceptable.


    4-6 months

    Possible Beginning



    Upon agreement

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