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    Open Positions 1
    Time Span as soon as possible for 3 years
    Application Deadline 28 Feb 2017
    Financing yes
    Type of Position
    • PhD - Doctoral Programme
    Field of Research
    • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
    • Engineering
    • Veterinary Medicine/Agriculture, Forestry, and Nutritional Sciences
    Subjects Chemistry and Neuroscience
    Description Our recent work (named uDISCO) published in Nature Methods in August 2016, and highlighted by media worldwide including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Nature and Science magazines. uDISCO demonstrated the possibility of clearing and imaging of entire adult rodents to map neuronal, glial and vascular connections. The positions focus on:

    1. Chemistry of tissue clearing and labelling:
    we are particularly interested in developing new chemical approaches to fluorescently label molecules (proteins, DNA or RNA) and deliver them deep in tissue for whole organ and organism profiling. To this end, we are looking for a highly ambitious researcher with a good understanding of chemistry behind the tissue clearing and molecular tagging. We offer interactive environment to integrate your skills with cutting edge imaging methods and biological applications.

    2. Study of chronic neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation:
    we would like to utilize our recently developed uDISCO tissue-clearing method to assess degeneration and regeneration in the intact CNS of transparent rodents and human tissues at micron resolution after acute brain injuries. The project requires knowledge in cellular and molecular biology, animal handling, and fluorescent microscopy.
    Requirements - extremely curious about basic science and carry a great interest to make breakthroughs
    - always looking for solutions to turn great ideas and opportunities into actions
    - always willing to learn, and have the courage to ask questions when you don’t know
    - open to express your opinions and receive feedbacks/critics
    - a team player and willing to work in a collaborative environment to share ideas and experiences
    - willing to be part of a diverse team to make a dent in the universe
    Working Language
    • English
    Language of Dissertation
    • English
    Required Documents
    • CV
    • Reports, certificates
    • Letter of Motivation
    • List of Publication
    More Information

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