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    Open Positions 7
    Time Span as soon as possible for 3 years
    Application Deadline 18 Oct 2016
    Financing yes
    Type of Position
    • PhD - Doctoral Programme
    Field of Research
    • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
    • Medicine
    Subjects Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry
    Description In the Research Training Group 2158 “Natural Products and Analogues against Therapy-Resistant Tumours and Microorganisms: New Lead Structures and Modes of Action“,
    within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf/Germany,

    7 doctoral research positions
    (65%, salary scale 13 TV-L)

    are to be filled at the earliest possible date. The employment is initially limited until September 30th, 2019 with an option for prolongation. The positions are qualification positions in the sense of the Act of Academic Fixed-Term Contract (Wissenschaftszeitvertrags-gesetz – WissZeitVG), which are to promote the scientific qualification of the employees (m/f).

    The RTG 2158, funded by the German Research Foundation, addresses the fundamental question of how tumours or humanpathogenic microorganisms that have become resistant against currently used cytostatic drugs or against antibiotics can be controlled by new antitumour drugs or by new antibiotics that are able to overcome existing resistance mechanisms. Resistance mechanisms of tumours and microbial pathogens show functional similarities. A combined study of antitumour and of antimicrobial activities will thus lead to a scientific added value, especially as microorganisms often serve as model systems for more complex eukaryotic cells. Natural products and analogues from stress-exposed and barely investigated marine organisms and endophytes will serve as pool for lead structure identification and subsequent functional characterization to reveal mode-of-action and resistance mechanisms.

    We are looking for talented, highly motivated applicants (m/f) holding a Master‘s degree or a state degree in pharmacy, biology, chemistry, biochemistry or in a related discipline.

    For detailed information about the individual projects, the application procedure and required application documents as well as our graduate training programme, please visit http://www.grk2158.hhu.de.

    The pay scale grouping will be, depending on the personal qualification of the applicants (m/f), up to pay grade 13 TV-L.
    In principle, the employment can also take place part-time if no compelling official reasons are opposed in an individual case.

    Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf aims at increasing the percentage of employed women. Applications from women will therefore be given preference in case of equal aptitude, ability and professional achievements unless there are exceptional reasons for choosing another applicant. Applications from suitably qualified severely disabled persons or disabled persons regarded as being of equal status according to Book IX of the German Social Code (SGB – Soziales Gesetzbuch) are encouraged.
    Requirements - Excellent master´s degree or a state degree in pharmacy, biology, chemistry, biochemistry or in a related discipline.
    - Applicants who are not native speakers should demonstrate adequate competence of the English language by acceptable results of an internationally recognized test (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS).
    - Two letters of reference from previous supervisors, who are able to evaluate your personality and your academic experience. Preferably the referees should mail the reference letters to the coordination office directly.
    Working Language
    • English
    • German
    Language of Dissertation
    • English
    • German
    Required Documents
    • CV
    • Reports, certificates
    • Transcripts
    • Letter of Motivation
    • Others : Application form (cf. www.grk2158.hhu.de)
    More Information http://www.grk2158.hhu.de/application.html

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