PhD position: "Space-time methods for the computation and analysis of coherent families"

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    Freie Universität Berlin • Berlin
    Open Positions 1
    Time Span as soon as possible for 36 months
    Application Deadline 03 Nov 2016
    Financing yes
    Type of Position
    • PhD - Individual Supervisor
    Field of Research
    • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
    Subjects Mathematics (or related field)
    Description We are searching for a research assistant for the project „Space-time methods for the computation and analysis of coherent families„, which is situated in the DFG Priority Programme 1881 „Turbulent Superstructures“. The aim of the project is the development and implementation of model- and data-oriented transfer operator methods for the computation of large-scale superstructures in turbulent flows. The project is going to be conducted in the group of Prof. Dr. Christof Schütte at the Freie Universität Berlin, and the applicant will be given the opportunity to obtain his/her PhD.

    Job description
    It is expected that the successful applicant will
    • contribute to theoretical and applied aspects of the project, and conduct research in interdisciplinary collaboration with the other projects in the DFG Priority Programme; „Turbulent Superstructures“
    • publish the results in peer-reviewed journals and present them at international conferences;
    • participate in the supervision of B.Sc. and M.Sc. students.
    Requirements Einstellungsvoraussetzung
    • Hochschulabschluss (Master oder vergleichbar) in Mathematik, oder einer verwandten Disziplin

    • Gute Programmierkenntnisse (MATLAB oder vergleichbare Sprache)
    • Erfahrung in Theorie und Praxis in einem oder mehreren der folgenden Gebiete:
    dynamische Systeme, numerische Mathematik, partielle Differentialgleichungen,
    • Grundlegendes Kenntnisse in Funktionalanalysis sind vom Vorteil
    • Sehr gute mündliche und schriftliche Englischkenntnisse
    Working Language
    • English
    Language of Dissertation
    • English
    Required Documents
    • CV
    • Reports, certificates
    • Letter of Motivation
    More Information

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